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in jurisprudence the pope was both victim and supreme judge. as absolute rumor of the vatican city state he wields all power. it was insisted they reached the the have the spokesman insisted the court reached the verdict in ?ps without interference from keurch officials and added it is most likely the pope will pardon the man who was once his faithful servant. gabr gabriele's lawyer said her ndient was serene and would not .ppeal. the convicted butler left court to begin serving his sentence in his apartment in vatican city. the have the has no long-term astention facility, perhaps because until now it hasn't needed one. >> axelrod: next on tonight's tbs evening news," a whistleblower tells us what he claims is behind some catastrophic water main breaks. >> axelrod: in communities across the country, water pipes meant to last decades are falling apart, sometimes in famatic and dangerous fashion. isw a whistleblower, a former insider at the company that makes the pipes, accuses it of fraud. investigative correspondent sharyl attkisson has the r: frview. >> reporter: few things are as crucial to eve
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1